Everybody Loves Listening To Good Old Bluegrass Country Music

If you are into contemporary country music genre, try Bluegrass Country music and feel the banjo strings tug at your heart. It is a vibrant cacophony of different string instruments blended in unison to create a wonderful, nostalgic feel of the old west. When you hear country music playing on the radio, you immediately think of cigar smoking cowboys drinking in a bar, tapping their feet to the tempo of Bluegrass Country music. It does not matter what year it started playing or who first played it on air, you just clap your hand and nod your head in time with the beat.

Bluegrass Country music is a fusion of different string instruments playing to a single beat and the tempo is fast, lively and loud. Wherever country music is playing, people are surely bobbing their head and having a great time. It is great music for listening and the story is a never ending string of family, love, girlfriends, boyfriends, truck driving or simple life in the country. It makes you think of the good old cowboy movies starring Clint Eastwood, Lee Marvin, Charles Bronson and others before them. It also reminds you of the classic bar scene where people are throwing down whiskey and getting into fistfights.

During the last few years, Bluegrass Country music has evolved into contemporary country music complete with vocals. The story told is still the same but the lyrics are much better and clearer. It is so much fun listening to the band play the fiddle and listening to the clear, lilting voice of the vocalist. Take Dolly Parton, Miley Cyrus, and of late, Carrie Underwood. They have the voice of an angel that you cannot stop listening to them on the radio or the internet.

Bluegrass Country music bands use guitars and other string instruments for playing and when you look at their fingers while they are strumming the instruments, it is like their hands have a life of its own. They never falter and just keep going on and on. The tune is so much fun to listen to. It can be pure country, reggae, rock and roll or honky tonk genre but the effect remains the same. The music never fails to lift you up and tickle your dancing feet. Bluegrass Country music concerts are always a sold-out because the music they play are all time favorites and it appeals to every age group. You can see grandmas and grandpas all clapping their hand and stomping their feet to the beat alongside young people who are just as crazy with country music as the old ones.

Country music is unique to Americans. You cannot find something like this elsewhere in the world. Even celebrity pop artists try their hands on country music once in a while to draw the crowds to their concerts. Famous country singers like Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash, Willie Nelson, Dolly Parton, Carrie Underwood continue to enjoy huge fan following because of their voice and the music they play. It is truly a remarkable experience to listen to Bluegrass Country music.

Gospel Country Music Can Inspire The Mind And Uplift The Soul

If you like contemporary country music, then you will love gospel music even more. The lilting melody of gospel song is beautifully set into country music so beautifully and touching it can bring tears to your eyes when you listen to the vocalist’s rendition of old time mainstream church music. Like all other music of this genre, gospel music varies according to pop culture. It appeals to different types of listeners and is popular not only as a source of entertainment but because of its religious connotation. Gospel music is nothing more than church music played in a modern style with different musical instruments giving it a new and polished version.

When you listen to the moving lyrics of gospel country music, you cannot help but feel your spirit soar with the melody. Gospel music has a wonderful melody that is great for listening and the lyrics are very inspiring and uplifting.  The female vocalist takes you on a spiritual journey and makes you sing along just like you would do when inside a place of worship. It is a great way to sing your heart out to high heavens and give praise to almighty god.

There are many female vocalists who are famous for gospel country music. If you are one of the loyal fans of Carrie Underwood, you will know exactly how her version of “Jesus take the wheel” can turn on the waterworks. It is like listening to an angel. Her powerful voice is truly magical and inspirational. You will definitely love her more for her performance of “How great thou art”. The song is a real winner and you can feel the electricity as she pours out her heart in the lyrics.

There are sub-genres of gospel music such as black gospel music, contemporary Christian music, bluegrass gospel, southern gospel and many more that differ from each other only in the culture and ethnic groupings of both the singer and the listener.

If you are looking for inspirational music for your personal listening pleasure, you can check out the wide selection of gospel music CDs that are available in music stores. You can also download them from YouTube or from websites that offer a complete collection of gospel music belonging to different genres. Listening to gospel music is a great way to keep you inspired and calm while doing your  office work or household chores. You can sing along with the vocalist and clap your hands to the beat. No matter how old you are or what denomination you belong, gospel music appeals to everyone.

If you have the radio on, chances are, you will be listening to gospel country music. It is aired everywhere and people enjoy listening to it. It is a kind of balm that soothes the tired soul after a hard day’s work. It is so peaceful and calming, you will be surprised that everyone else shares your sentiment when you tell them how much you enjoy gospel country music. Everyone will agree that gospel music serves not only to inspire people but to motivate them to be better Christians.

Country Music Is A Blend Of Traditional And Contemporary American Music Style

Of all the songs that are played on air there is only one kind of music that is truly representative of American music style and that is country music. It is the best type of music to listen to when you want to get a feel of real American music and the allure of the old west. The music can be anything from rock and roll, ballad, reggae, bluegrass, gospel, honky tonk or hill billy. They may sound different but they are all country music by origin. Country music is characteristically American and anywhere you are, you will never mistake it for anything else. It is unique, lively, vibrant, nostalgic, spiritual, melancholic and more. It sings about the American way of life and all the hardship and experiences that comes with it.

Listening to country music is a great way to learn about life in the rural areas of the south. The songs depict a wide range of topics such as the life of a truck driver as they go from state to state, the heartbreaks of a jilted lover or the end of an illicit love affair, the pains of being away from home or being in prison, life in the fast lane, drugs and alcohols and other variants of the old themes. Singing country music is like telling a story. The lyrics are so clear that you can easily picture the characters as if in a movie. The guitars and other musical instruments are typically southern or old west so that as soon as you hear the sound of the banjo, you immediately think of cowboys in boots gulping down whiskey in a saloon.

There is really no clear account as to the origin of country music. Through the years, it has evolved from good old country music to contemporary pop music where the singing style depends on the audience and the market. It is no secret at all that there is a big market for country songs nowadays and singers and pop artists are sprouting from everywhere vying for the top slot in the billboard. Every year, new singing talents are discovered and launched into stardom using country music as a vehicle for penetrating the highly competitive market. Still, country music does not show any sign of waning. It is still the all time favorite by American standard and will continue to do so for a very long time.

It is no wonder then that country music continues to evolve and adapt to the new trends. Although It is immune to threats coming from other music genre and can stand on its own in terms of entertainment value, it is sensitive to popular demand so much so that the original country music style have started to use new instruments and new storylines in order to keep the fans happy and to keep up with technology. Despite all this, it is still highly marketable and enjoys a stable and lucrative share of the entertainment market without having to compromise or sacrifice any of its unique characters.

Facts And Trivia Regarding Some Of The Famous Country Music Singers

If you are a great fan of American contemporary country music, here are a few trivia you should know about your favorite country music artists and vocalists. These people came from everywhere in the United States but all of them are tied to the history and development of country music having done a great number of songs that are considered the best in contemporary country music.

  • Elvis Presley was a country singer before moving on to rock and roll. He was known as the “hillbilly cat” because his singing style was more of a cross between hillbilly boogie and rock-and-roll. He was the top selling artist in the entire history of country music.
  • Garth Brooks made American country music a worldwide phenomenon and was second only to Elvis Presley in the US album chart. He consistently broke records for ticket sales in all his concerts and brought country music to a larger audience. His two songs that made it to the top were “If tomorrow never comes” which was dubbed the song of the year, and “The last dance”.
  • Willie Nelson wrote the song “Crazy” in the early 60’s while struggling as a singer-songwriter. The song was performed by Patsy Cline and immediately became a huge hit for Cline and opened the doors of opportunity for Nelson as well.

  • Patsy Cline was an American country singer who rose to stardom for songs like “Crazy”, “Sweet dreams”, and “Walkin’ after midnight”. Unfortunately, at the height of her career, she died in a plane crash. She eventually became the first female solo artist ever to be voted into the Country Music Hall of Fame.
  • The Carter family was a country music group composed of Alvin Carter, his wife Sara and his sister-in-law Maybelle. As the first country vocal group to become famous, they played a big influence on country music sub-genres such as bluegrass, gospel country, pop music and revivals of traditional American folk songs.
  • Dolly Parton became a member of the Country Music Hall of Fame in 1999. She wrote the song “I will always love you” from the movie “The bodyguard” starring Whitney Houston and Kevin Costner and which was satirized last year in those no no hair removal reviews you might have seen featured in various national publications. If not you can always take a look at this no no hair removal FAQ site which gives you a full low down. Funny stuff! In recent years, Parton made a move to shift from country music to pop music.  Despite the career change, she remains an icon in the country music industry.
  • Reba McIntyre was referred to as the “Queen of Country Music” for selling more than 50 million copies of her records in the United States and overseas. She is the seventh best selling artist for all genres. She also dabbles in movie, television and Broadway.

Carrie Underwood rose to fame as a country singer after winning the “American Idol”. She won the Grammy Awards for best new artist in 2007 and the Academy of Country Music Awards as entertainer of the year twice. The first female in country music history to do so. She was the only country artist to hit the number one slot in the Billboard Hot 100 songs from 2000 to 2009.

Country Music Is The Heart And Soul Of American Culture

If you are asking why country music is so popular with Americans when it actually originated from somewhere outside the country, the answer may be in the instruments that the country music players use. The music is actually produced by the blend of musical instruments imported from Germany, Italy, Spain, Scotland, Ireland and even Africa brought into the continent by immigrants who settled in the southern parts of the United States and gave birth to a unique form of band music that has not changed up to the present. String instruments like the violin and the guitar is so versatile because it can depict a whole range of emotion from happy and lively to sad and melancholic. Even today, country music is still played predominantly using these instruments and hardly ever diverted from the way it was played a long time ago.

Looking back at American history, it is no wonder that Americans love country music. It is the heart and soul of the American people and it tells a poignant story of the immigrants who traveled from all over Europe to settle in the new found land hoping to live the American dream. It also tells the travails and hardship suffered by black slaves brought in from the African continent and forced to settle in unfamiliar territory. It is about life on the sea for mariners who ventured into uncharted waters and islands in order to find a new frontier. It is about the family they left behind in the old country, the children and women who waited for them, the wars they had to fight and the loneliness, the pain and heartaches they had to go through.

Most Americans have a story to tell about the good old days. They will tell you about how their forefathers came to America and how they survived up to the present. Sometimes, a few might even venture to sing a song or a ballad that is so similar to country music. By listening to the sound of the string instruments, you empathize with the singer or the music. The melody tugs at your heartstring and sometimes, you cannot help but drop a tear or two. Country music is a story of the American way of life. The beat may be lively if the story is a happy one or slow and soulful if it is sad. By mixing and matching a few tunes, the melody comes out exactly like country music and it is uniquely American.

Over the years, country music have evolved into different sub-genres and take on a more contemporary form but the soul of the music remains the same. It enjoys unprecedented followings over other form of music because it is distinctly American. When you hear the sound of the lively banjo or the vibrant sound of the guitar, it makes you think of pistol packing men of the old west wearing cowboy hats and leather boots smoking cigars and gulping whiskey in a bar and dancing to the beat of country music. It is something you will never find anywhere else in the world.